Tuesday, September 21, 2021

how to keep fit and healthy during winter


Team TIFFXO give us their tips to keep on the exercise and nutrition bandwagon even when the mercury drops.

That’s it, we’re calling it! June or not June, as far as we’re concerned winter’s here – and boy is she a doozy. Between the unforecasted rain, solar eclipse-like days and late arvo sunsets, we’re wondering whether we’ll ever see a drop of vitamin D again.

But despite the cold season really bringing it this year, your fitness and wellness goals still stand. In fact winter is the season that can make or break us. You see the key to hitting your goals is in consistency; adopting a healthy lifestyle and forming lasting habits as opposed to yo-yoing from season to season, or focusing only on summer.

To do this you have to be adaptable. As the weather changes, so must your routine. What worked in summer is redundant now. What kept you motivated last month is likely letting you down this month. Changing with the season will keep you one step ahead of the forecast and on track toward your goals.

To kick things off, us in Team TIFFXO – trainers, dietitians, wellness experts and health foodies – have put our heads together to bring you a list of motivation, lifestyle and fitness hacks; a survival kit of sorts to tackle the season, keep up momentum and get you through to spring.

Curb your cravings

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Let’s not beat around the bush. A light salad and simple snack just ain’t gonna cut it on a rainy night. Naturally, cravings change throughout the year. In winter it’s all about hot breakfasts, hearty dinners and sweet snacks – so hack number 1 is to come prepared.

Batch cook some of your favourite healthy treats and make healthy versions of the meals you’re in the mood for. On the TIFFXO meal plan we have hundreds of recipes to choose from, including healthy versions of all your faves – yes, sausage rolls are on the menu. Following the meal plan will not only knock your cravings on the head, but keep you on track toward your health goals as well.

Team up

Don’t be a hero! Getting through your winter workouts alone, while admirable, is ambitious. Finding a friend, family member, colleague or fitness community to egg you on and keep you accountable is the ultimate remedy when you’re losing momentum. It’s also helpful having someone to chat to and check in with when the winter blues set in.

Alternatively, try giving TIFFXO a go as the program comes with a community already full of vibe queens just waiting to be the support and motivation you need – we’re in there daily too!

Lock it in, Eddy!

Follow a program to keep you on track, book in a class every week or take up an active indoor hobby. The more official the commitment, the more likely you are to commit. If this isn’t your vibe then try penciling in your workout in your diary or blocking the time out in your calendar.

Treating your training, meditation or food prepping time like an appointment will change your mindset toward getting it done.

Be a pessimist

What we mean is, prepare for the worst. Know your excuses and do what you can to remove them. Lay out your clothes, set up your workout on the TV, get out your dumbbells and exercise mat the night before, buy warmer workout gear (the new TIFFXO apparel range can’t hit soon enough!), and if you’ve been giving the snooze button one hell of a workout try placing your phone or alarm clock across the room – that way you’ll have to get up.

Combine tasks

Mentally psyching yourself up to work out when motivation is at an all time low isn’t always easy. When you’re not feeling it, try our mix and match method combining hobbies with chores; ‘want tos’ with ‘must dos’.

This might be listening to a podcast while cleaning, walking with a friend to get in your steps, pumping your favourite playlist while getting ready for work, or watching a movie while you do your TIFFXO workout in the living room – you could even squeeze in some exercise during the ad breaks of Masterchef.

By applying these hacks and getting into your winter groove, you’ll be able to break that yearly cycle of ups and downs, reach your goals and stay there.

This piece was written by the experts at Team TIFFXO.

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