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How to pick the perfect pram for jogging with your baby


You might not believe it, but jogging whilst taking care of your little one *is* possible. Here’s the breakdown of what you need to think about when investing in a jogging pram…

Getting outside into the open air for a jog when when you have a baby or young child, can sometimes seem impossible.

One way to make this more of a reality, is to choose a pram that doubles as a jogging stroller too. They are a must-have for any parent wanting to stay active while still being able to take their kid along for the ride.

Unlike standard prams, jogging prams are adaptable, durable, light-weight and their sport-utility design means they are made for more than just pushing your child along a footpath.

Mum, Nyrie English has used a jogging pram with all three of her children. She says a normal pram didn’t cut if for running.

“The fact is – I love running and since having children, I still wanted to get out and enjoy my running. The best thing about my Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging pram is that it performs as a normal pram too. It’s smooth, lightweight and offers good manoeuvrability on different terrains, and the handlebar brakes are great on hills or when running on busy pathways.”

Choosing a pram is usually one of the biggest purchasing decisions you’ll make as a new parent. With several makes, models and price ranges to choose from, selecting the right jogging pram can feel like a chore, so here’s what to look for…

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Safety must be your first priority

Even though you might be busting to go for a jog with bub in the pram, health professionals recommend babies need to be at least six-months-old. Before this age, babies have weak neck strength and control, which is needed to help cushion and protect their heads from the faster and bumpier journey. These safety features should be non-negotiable:

  • A five-point harness to keep your child safe and secure.
  • A dual braking system: a foot parking brake and a quick action twist-style handlebar brake for slowing down smoothly.
  • A safety tether to slip over your wrist to stop the pram from rolling away.
  • High visibility reflective rims on the wheels and canopy – like your running shoes and apparel.

Wheels and suspension

Just like your car, the size, type and quality of the wheels and tyres on your jogging pram are important. Large rear wheels roll over uneven terrain and allow you to stray onto gravel without much effort. They also require less effort to push! Air-filled tyres are the best, followed by plastic or rubber engineered wheels, which are firmer and don’t provide as much cushion.

An absolute must is a swivel front wheel that locks into place easily. This is the key feature that transforms your everyday pram into a jogging machine. Make sure you buy a pram with the ability to adjust the tracking of the front wheel as this helps to keep the pram running straight. Without it, you’ll be regularly correcting the steering, which is tiring and annoying.

Choose a jogging pram with good suspension to provide a smooth ride for you and your child. The kind of suspension you choose depends on how often you run and the kind of terrains you plan to run on. In short, the rougher the ground, the better the suspension should be. My tip is to go for a jogging pram with rear shock absorbers to smooth out bumps in the footpath.

A comfortable ride

Your jogging pram should have a padded, soft, durable and easy-to-clean seat. The rolling motion of a jogging pram usually sends little ones off to sleep, so buy a pram with a fully-reclining seat. It should also feature good air flow and a large multi-position canopy to protect your loved-one from the sun, wind and rain.

Lightweight and easy-to-use

Pushing a jogging pram is a solid workout. Most prams weigh upwards of 10 kilograms, and that’s before you put a child in them. A pram that has a lightweight, aerodynamic design is a must, and you’ll also want it to fold down to a compact size for getting in and out of the car. Preferably, you want a one-handed, compact fold pram that makes storing and transporting a breeze.

Bonus features

Nyrie says the most important features of a jogging pram are, “a lightweight design, three large wheels with inflatable tyres, a height adjustable push handle, a comfortable seat with a quality harness, and a drink bottle holder.”

Bountiful storage under the seat, a magnetic peekaboo window and accessories such as a bassinet or car seat adaptor, snack tray and rain cover are also great features to look out for.

The best jogging prams

1. Thule Urban Glide 2, $899, at Baby Village

This updated model weighs 11.5kg and features a one-handed, compact fold for easy storage and transportation, 5-point safety harness, large 40cm rear wheels with air-filled tyres, twist hand-brake and foot pedal brake, and it comes in three all new colours.

2. Bob Revolution Pro, $688.98, at Baby Village

This 12.8 kg pram features an ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat, two interior seat pockets, quick-release polymer composite wheels and a multi-position canopy.

3. Summit X3 Stroller, $849, at Baby Jogger Strollers

A remote wheel lock on the handlebar of this 12.5kg stroller allows you to easily shift between swivel and straight wheel. Other features include air-filled tyres, seat back vents and a retractable weather cover.

Shop more jogging prams at Baby Bunting and save on your next order with these coupons.

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