Saturday, September 18, 2021

Listening English Unit 34 A Healthy Lifestyle


Listening English Unit 34 A Healthy Lifestyle
Listening Practice Through Dictation 2

W: This burger is delicious! Do you want some?
M: No, thank you. I’m working out at the gym
these days. I want to be healthy, so I’ve also
started eating good, fresh food.
W: You’re exercising? That’s fantastic! When did
you start thinking about your weight and staying
in shape?
M: Last month I had a check-up. My doctor told me
that I should be leading a much healthier
lifestyle now that I’m getting older. Now, I try to
eat small, regular meals instead of one or two
big meals a day.
W: I see. What types of food do you usually eat
M: I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I try to limit
carbohydrates like bread, rice, and pasta. I also
try not to eat sugary foods.
W: Oh dear! I love sugary foods, especially cakes.
M: Well, try to eat food that is good for you. You
need to take care of yourself.
W: You’re right. I should start thinking about a
healthier lifestyle. But first, I’m going to finish
my burger!


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