Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Turia Pitt on why mums shouldn’t be afraid of running after having a baby


It may sound intimidating, but there’s no reason you should be afraid to get back into running after having a baby. Just go gentle, says Turia Pitt.

Turia Pitt may seem like a superhero (and, by our calculations, totally is) but the road back to running as a new mum wasn’t a fast journey by any stretch.

An ultramarathon runner and the founder of a new running program, RUN with Turia, she says it was a slow burn getting her back to her fitness level pre-baby.

“I didn’t just give birth and run home from the hospital,” she jokes in an interview with Body+Soul’s Healthy-ish podcast.

“I was pretty slow getting back into it, I saw my physio I did my pelvic floor exercises, I did post-partum Pilates… I was easy and gentle for that first six to 12 months,”

But for Pitt, running is an essential ingredient to her mental health as well as physical.

“I use running as a mood-balancer, I guess, is how I’d describe it,” she says.

While Pitt admits some days are harder than others to get motivated, she’s found being a mum has actually made her “more efficient” in ensuring she gets her exercise in.

When previously she’d faff about choosing a playlist, putting her shoes on, and other methods of procrastination, now with two young children: “when I get a 40-minute window, I’m getting out the door.”

Follow Turia on Instagram at @turiapitt or find her online here. Turia is offering 10% off her running program. Simply enter the code BODYANDSOUL at checkout.

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