Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Why a Healthy Lifestyle Change Should Precede Cosmetic Surgery & How it Can Help Future Procedures


A 35-year-old male wants to reduce his neck sag. He elongates his neck and turns his head to a slight angle to hide it in pictures. An older friend of his friend suggested a hemorrhoid cream to tighten up the skin. He wants to know if he should lose weight.

A few years ago, Dr. Amiya Prasad wrote a book called “The Fine Art of Looking Younger” and genetically there are certainly people who will have fat under their chin. In his practice, he has done limited liposculpture on people who are athletes because no matter how much they work out, they have this problem area. For someone who feels that he needs to lose 10-15, Dr. Prasad would suggest that he adopt a healthier lifestyle to lose the weight. Dr. Prasad recommends athletic activities to optimize his physical weight and the proportion of body fat. It is easier for Dr. Prasad to sculpt a problem area in someone who is at least within a few pounds of their ideal body weight.

As a surgeon boarded in body, breast and extremity surgery, Dr. Prasad does a fair amount of liposculpture. However, he doesn’t do liposculpture on obese people. He does liposculpture on people who are maximizing their fitness to the point they plateau and they have limited areas. For example in women, it would be in the bra roll area, the flank, or in the area adjacent to the hip. In men, it would be the love handle area. There is a relationship between having a youthful facial appearance and a healthy body. Dr. Prasad would always advise a lifestyle shift.

Clearly this man is not ready for a facelift and Dr. Prasad doesn’t think a hemorrhoid cream would make a difference. He suggests that he must take care of his weight first. Once he has lost some weight, Dr. Prasad would suggest liposculpture can help define the jawline and the under chin area.

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