Tuesday, September 21, 2021

‘Workouts you’ll love from someone who hates working out’


As a proud member of the ‘people who hate cardio club’, Rebecca Beaton has put her body on the line to try and test a range of workouts for those who simply refuse to even look at a treadmill. 

If you’re like myself and are known as the unathletic one in your family but also know you have to exercise since your life literally depends on it, then you’re probably looking for workout classes or exercises to do that are somewhat enjoyable.

As a prominent member of the ‘people who hate cardio club’ I have googled and researched almost every workout class in Sydney, If I see the word cardio I close that window at lightning speed.

So since I’ve done the work for you, here are my best suggestions on workout classes that don’t feel like torture but also give you that nice muscle pain the next day!

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Barre classes have become extremely popular of late with studios popping up all around the country. A hybrid workout class it combines Ballet, Pilates, Dance, Yoga and strength training.

Barre class is probably my favourite of all the workout classes I have been to, the trainers are always helpful, fun and supportive, it always has me sweating but the best part is the stretching sessions at the end.

Try Barre Body – Studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay


The classic toning workout, pilates now have different varieties to choose from. From Reformer to mat based, pilates are one of the only workouts I could notice a difference in my body and felt myself becoming stronger.

Try Studio Pilates – Studios throughout Australia


Boxing workout classes with a friend is a fun way to let your stress out while toning up. Focusing on your arms and core, boxing has some cardio but mostly helps with strength, balance and a little bit of self defence which is never a bad thing.

Try 9 Round Fitness – Studios in Sydney and online

Hot Yoga

I’m not the biggest fan of yoga although I wish I was! But hot yoga although not the funnest at the time feels amazing afterwards, feeling refreshed, lean and relaxed it’s a great way to sweat and stretch out your troubles.

Try One Hot Yoga – Studios in Sydney and Melbourne

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